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ANDEGRA company consists of enthusiasts with bulk of valuable experience and skills, who have a critical mind also. Because of these qualities our specialists can find the solution to any of your problem. Our personal managers professional skills allows us to keep all the chain elements functioning on the very high level. The organization of our labor on this high level helps us to save your expensive time. The company works in the field of development and implementation of the original transportation services in the scope of international transportation of cargo – consolidated, full and oversized, using all means of transport.


Become a Reliable Business Support by Providing Professional Service in Transportation and Logistics to Meet International Quality Standards.

Organizing and adjusting all stages of cargo delivery, optimizing costs, controlling delivery terms, doing everything to help Your business develop successfully. An invaluable experience, talent and willingness to perform your work impeccably deliver a variety of cargoes at minimal cost and on time. We never stop at the place, we progress every day, constantly raise the qualifications of our employees, and distribute the opportunities of the company in the field of cargo transportation.

Every customer at any moment can find out his cargo status. All this is combined with our comprehensive service and high service levels.

We seek partnership with our company to allow You to optimize Your shipping costs and improve the efficiency of Your business.

ANDEGRA is pleased to collaborate with our partners and wish our current and future partners success in their business!



This type of transportation is one of the most optimal and fastest way to transport your cargo from point A to B. Cargo transportation by land starts directly from the sender address to the final recipient address.  Moreover, body of the vehicle is protected  with the senders seal which is removed only after the cargo is transferred to the recipient. Also, for your comfort, we are ready to report you “Online/Live” the recent location of your loads.

We carry cargoes of various weight, select transport in the shortest time you need. Our managers will find and offer the right solution for you. The expedition is on a daily basis, so we can ensure the safety of your cargo.

Andegra UAB (JSC)

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